Zahabi ZT-853WBT Portable Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Zahabi ZT-853WBT Portable Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

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Zahbi Handled 2D Portable Barcode scanner, wireless and bluetooth ,Grey color Kit


Wired ,wireless and bluetooth triple-mode freely switching.
Large capacity storage, safe and reliable.
Stores barcodes more than 50000pcs off-line scanning.
Unique power management system, ultra-long standby time.
Rich symbologies supported Adopting imported trigger button, long lifespan,
fitting perfectly in your hand for comfortable use.
Support Android/IOS devices/Windwos Support HID、SPP、BLE protocol
Mini size, fashion design,and portable Ultra low power consumption and standby time
setup available
Bluetooth transmission distance:15m (indoor)
Support upload data and charge the battery via USB cable at the same time.