Biometrics Attendance System

Say goodbye to the legacy manual attendance systems as Zahabi’s innovative biometric terminals guarantee approved individuals a frictionless access to secured areas.


These attendance systems track the schedules of workers, volunteers, and students by measuring and verifying their biological parameters.


These attendance systems are meant to be adaptable, whether used with or without a combination of contactless cards, freestanding or IP-networked, indoor or outdoor.


Biometric time clocks in our systems give precise clock-in and clock-out records, allowing businesses to improve workforce management efficiency.


Although fingerprint recognition is the most popular type of biometric attendance in use today, other systems exist as well, including eye recognition (iris and retina), face recognition, voice recognition, and more.


These biometrics are unique for each person, and the information stored in biometric devices cannot be shared or hacked. It takes the place of the old security mechanism of using passwords or codes.


Using such systems rids you of paper-based monitoring, saves time and money, delivers excellent security, and provides the most accurate tracking solution.

With Zahabi’s cost-effective and reliable biometric Time attendance systems in Kuwait, you can manage your workforce or students more effectively than ever before.

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