ID Card Printer Ribbons

ID Card Printer Ribbons In Kuwait

Printer ribbons are basically cartridges with a thin band of material made up of panels. They’re used to carry printing ink that is either a single solid color or a variety of dye colors that is then applied directly to the card’s surface.

In other words, it’s a fabric saturated in normal ink or wax-based inks that produces printouts when heated in an ID card printer. On your card, the print outputs provide high-resolution quality photos as well as correct text and barcodes.

The sort of ID card printer ribbon you require is largely dependent on your printing needs. Only purchase genuine card printer ribbons and use a ribbon that is compatible with your chosen ID card printer if you want to retain a high-quality print and extend the life of your card printer.
Card printer ribbons are available in either monochrome or full color. If you are printing in only one color such as black, then a monochrome ribbon is perfect. If your design contains two or more colors, then you will need to opt for a full-color ribbon.

Zahabi offers a wide range of ID Card Printer Ribbons under one roof. We have cutting-edger products under this category from such renowned brands as Evolis, Zebra, and more. One of these products is set to meet your business needs more effectively and give you the desired results.

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