Barcode Ribbon

At Zahabi, you can find the right barcode ribbon options to match your business needs. Our genuine premium barcode ribbons supplies deliver the high quality at an affordable cost that you’re looking for.

Wax ribbon, wax-resin ribbon, resin ribbon, and hot stamping foil are some of the other forms of ribbons. The sort of barcode material you’ll be printing on will determine which of the three you choose.

Thermal transfer ribbon (barcode ribbon) is essentially a roll of clear polyester (PET) film with a colored pigment or ink applied on one side. Wax, a combination of wax and resin, or pure resin can be used to coat the ribbon.

The heat created by the print head causes the pigment or ink to transfer off the carrier film and adhere to the label when the thermal transfer ribbon passes over it.

If you’re printing with a thermal transfer printer, you’ll need barcode ribbon. If your organization prints a range of labels for distinct jobs, such as jar labels and shipping labels, it’s even more important.

With Zahabi’s cost-effective and reliable barcode ribbon solutions in Kuwait, you can manage your business more efficiently and enhance customer experience by folds.

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    Premium Barcode Ribbons

    wax ribbon, resin ribbon and wax-resin ribbon for printing on thermal transfer labels.

    Key Features:

    • Cost Efficiency: Balances cost-effectiveness with durability.
    • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications.
    • Sharp and Long-Lasting Prints: Ideal for labels requiring both clarity and resilience.
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