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RFID Printers in Kuwait

An RFID printer is a printer that creates RFID smart labels. These labels use radio frequency technology to transmit information through user systems. These printers add specific digital functionality to images by embedding RFID labels into different types of print formats.

RFID printers print barcodes and alphanumeric, human-readable characters while also encoding the chip in the RFID inlay. Most RFID printers can accommodate 4″ wide labels, however others can take up to 6″ wide labels.

Radio frequency identification, or RFID, technology has altered the way many products are created and labelled, including seemingly little items like product labels. Manufacturers and retailers can better track their stock using “smart labels” by using specialized printers, warehouses, and shipping companies.

Industrial printers can print at speeds of up to 14 inches per second in some settings, which equates to little over 6 tags per second for 2-inch tags (including breaks). RFID printers can save time on encoding even for applications that do not require printing.

Traditional RFID printers employ thermal transfer technology to print using an RFID head. These printers create tags that can be read using radio wave technology. An RFID tag has an integrated circuit as well as an antenna. Smart labels are self-adhesive labels with an RFID tag embedded inside.

At Zahabi, we offer a wide selection of RFID printers to choose from. Feel free to get in touch with us today and a representative will be happy to assist you.

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    Extending Zebra’s broad range of RFID printers, the ZD500R™ delivers UHF RFID printing and encoding right to your desktop. Designed for applications where space is at a premium, the compact ZD500R offers simple, one-touch printing and encoding, straightforward loading, and automatic RFID calibration. Intuitive to use, it is an ideal choice for applications where technical support staff is not available, such as retail in-store exception tagging.

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