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    RFID Hardware & Printing Supplies


    Barcode, RFID and card supplies have been carefully selected to ensure high print quality, durability and read performance, as well as reduced printer wear and tear.

    Benefit from reduced instances of unreadable or missing labels, IT service calls and premature printhead failure. broad pre-tested barcode supplies offering means we have a solution for virtually any application.


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    Zahabi Badges and Lanyards – High-Quality ID Cards And Accessories

    Lanyards & Badges

    Order custom lanyards in a variety of widths and clip options!

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    Zahabi Blank ID Cards


    Blank ID cards provide the canvas on to which your cards will be printed. All blank PVC cards are graphic-quality for producing professional-looking printed cards. However, different print technologies require specific materials, sizes and thickness. Our trained ID exerts can help select the right card based on your printer and application.

    (1 Box 500 Cards)

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    ZCD-400 Desktop POS Cash Drawer – The Perfect POS Solution


    Rugged structure with reinforced heavy steel
    Optional bill coin compartment
    Durability for 1 million operation
    Precision mechanism to assure wobble-free drawer moment
    Three -positions lock for maximum cash security
    Counter space saving

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    Zahabi Customer Display ZCD-5000


    Zahabi Customer Display
    2 x 20 characters
    Supports 14 languages
    Compatible with 6 command sets: ESC/POS, EMAX(AEDEX), UTC, ADM787/788, CD5220 and DSP800 (optional)
    Innovative hinge design enables easy angle adjustment
    Display adjustable range: 0-270° horizontally, 0-36° vertically

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    ZCR-303 Desktop POS Magnetic Card Reader


    Programmable MSR support, head adjustment
    Separator, suffix and prefix
    With magnetic mechanism: Track 1, 2, and 3
    Track 1: 210 BPI maximum 76 characters
    Track 2: 210 BPI maximum 107 characters
    Track 3: 210 BPI maximum 107 characters

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    Magnetic Cards for High-Quality ID Card Printing


    Magnetic stripe cards provide an added layer of security and encryption of information or data contained in the card. Available in both Hi-Co and Lo-Co magnetic stripes, these cards help reduce counterfeit and duplicated cards due to the ability to encode on the magnetic stripe. Data can be contained in any or all of the three tracks.

    (1 Box 500 Cards)

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    Zahabi Preprinted ID Cards

    PVC-Cards Preprintde Graphics Quality CR80 Card, 30mil. 500 card pack.

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    POS Programmable Keyboard

    programmable keyboard is specially designed for most dedicated applications, such as banking system, POS system etc. Each key can be programmable up to 110 characters and can be defined through PC by the user. The integrated magnetic stripe reader can read authorization cards, credit card or bank card ETD.

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    Zahabi Proximity Cards – The ultimate accessory for biometric attendance systems.


    Increase security and better manage usage
    Easily track users by unique card ID
    Integrate with an access control system
    Prevent counterfeit and unauthorized cards
    Quickly activate/retire cards by individual ID

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    1. Water-proof, moisture-proof, insect-resistant. Avoid bugs crawl into the machine, and all kinds of malfunctions causes such as wet.

    2. Exquisite ,with drawable printer,easy to take out paper and replace paper, simple and convenient operation.

    3. Support PLU updating on line and editing, ensure the item all the latest information.

    4. Storage capacity up to 10000 pieces commodities and support 224 hotkeys. Set menu shortcuts, through the PC software can adjust the hotkey sequence and print it out.

    5. Each item could choose any tag from independently. Multiple barcode optional,such as 8 bit,13 bit, and 18 bit.

    6. Can set up different types and information, etc according to different items. It advantageous to the commodity classification management.

    7. Support Labels and barcode rotated 90 degrees, or 270 degrees printing.

    8. Support to be connected by Ethernet interface, Software can be upgraded online, to meet customer’s special demand.

    9. More rich label content. can print production date, date of packaging, fresh date, expiration date, Select it according to clients requirements.

    10. Searching products quickly by product No.

    11. Support discount schedule, discount period setting.

    12. Support for multiple foreign languages, labels, such as background, the name of the item etc.

    13. Support double screen dot matrix display, easy to promote products.

    14. Support receipt paper and label paper printing.

    15. Dual-motor design, printing more efficient and stable.

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    Zahabi ZSK2300 Self-Service Kiosk

    ZSK2300 23.8 inch Supermarket Self-Service Payment Kiosk
    23.8 inch Capacitive Touch Screen Supermarket Self-Service Bill Payment Kiosk, optional Windows or Android OS.
    CPU: RK3288 Quad Core 1.8GHz (Android)
    Intel Quad Core 2.0GHz (Windows)

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    ZT-2152 Handheld Barcode Scanner


    Zahbi Handled 1D Barcode scanner

    ● Ready for all POS system and ideal for retail
    ● With IP54 waterproof and dustproof protection
    ● Plug and play, not need any driver, easy to operate
    ● Ergonomic design, very comfortable operating sense
    ● Using latest decoder technology, quick and fluent reading performance
     Blue LED indicator and loud buzzer sound, can quick feedback reading recods
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    Zahabi ZT-3252 2D Image Barcode Scanner


    Zahbi Handled 2D Barcode scanner, USB,Grey color Kit

    ● Plug and play, not need any driver, easy to operate
    ● Use Complete dust-proof design to meet more applications
    ● Using latest decoder technology, can read all 1D and 2D barcodes
    ● Ergonomic design, comfortable operating sense, it is not easy to fatigue
    ● Supports to read screen barcodes, such as mobile phones and computers
    ● Widely used in Wechat pay and Alipay, can quickly realize the ID and QR codes
    ● l  Blue LED indicator and loud buzzer sound, can quick feedback reading recods
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