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Zahabi offers a wide variety of high-quality customer display screen options to choose from. A consumer-facing display (CFD), often known as a customer display or monitor, is a flexible, configurable screen that enhances your customer experience manifold.

At the point of sale, the device allows you to display itemized order and payment information to your customers. The consumer does not interact with any of the data on the CFD; instead, it serves as a visual confirmation.

Customers may see their order, tax, discounts, and loyalty information throughout the checkout process. When customers pay, a confirmation message appears on the screen and a beep is heard. If you have a loyalty program, it will be displayed when payment is taken.

A customer display screen can also be customized with your business’s identity and utilized to notify customers about specials, your loyalty program, new deals, and more.

The customer-facing display allows you to increase customer trust, clean up your counter, and comply with local legislation that may require merchants to have a customer display in specific situations.

With Zahabi’s cost-effective and reliable customer-facing displays in Kuwait, you can manage your business more efficiently and enhance customer experience by folds.

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    Zahabi Customer Display ZCD-5000


    Zahabi Customer Display
    2 x 20 characters
    Supports 14 languages
    Compatible with 6 command sets: ESC/POS, EMAX(AEDEX), UTC, ADM787/788, CD5220 and DSP800 (optional)
    Innovative hinge design enables easy angle adjustment
    Display adjustable range: 0-270° horizontally, 0-36° vertically

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